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Bring out your dead

...I doubt anyone read the notice I had here before. In any event, I fucked up, and then I coerced Rey to translate a couple pages for me. Because she loves me. Or maybe because I bottom to her, who knows. A-Anyway.

Keiko: Ah, it's as I thought -
Keiko: Yuusuke was really able to do it, wasn't he?
Keiko: Atsuko-san

Keiko: I was really surprised... because of the news, I(they? we? he?) am leaving the condo
Keiko: It's related to that guy, isn't it?
Atsuko: Puu-chan...
Keiko: Atsuko-san?
Atsuko: Puu-chan isn't moving
Atsuko: Why is it... he just stays asleep?
Atsuko: Puu-chan... Puu-chan...
Keiko: Eh- ...


Page 138
Page 139
Pages 140-141

...I obviously need to start saying Puu-chan.
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