Urameshi Atsuko (yuumama) wrote,
Urameshi Atsuko

Basic informative crap

I figure I ought to make this post EVENTUALLY, as it pertains to a great many things that campers ought to know and whatever. Also: I get bored easily. So let us commence!

*Kasanegafuchi and Sarayashiki - not only are these the names of the two rival junior high schools, they are also the names of two famous Japanese haunted houses.

*Urameshi - a sound typically made by a wailing ghost. Whooo~.

*Kuwabara Kuwabara - a phrase typically said when anyone suspects a ghostly presence.

*Yuusuke - the "yuu" part of his name is the character for "ghost," just like the series. I think his name can be read as "ghost hunter," but don't quote me on that. I fail at reading Japanese, die.

*Atsuko - is most likely read as "hot woman." Again; I can't read Japanese. Die.

...I will add more later. Unless I forget. I'm sure this was all vaguely helpful.
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